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Hartford GAA and USGAA Adult Registration 


  • MARCH 31ST - Inter-county transfer deadline for all codes. If you are coming from Ireland, Canada, New York, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Asia, etc. – anywhere outside USGAA – you need to complete your transfer by this date.

  • APRIL 30TH - USGAA Player Registration deadline. Also the deadline for USGAA club-to-club transfers. This is the deadline that will apply to nearly all returning Hartford GAA Players.

  • JULY 1ST - Sanction and Permits deadline.

  • AUGUST 1ST - Homegrown players who have never previously registered with an adult GAA club may register with a USGAA club on or before August 1st.

Adult Registration

Please complete the form below to register for the adult football and hurling teams

The ID you enter will need to be brought to the USGAA finals for registration verification

 Make sure to enter last four digits of  your ID number correctly

Team(s) you are registering for
Membership Level

Thanks for registering!

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